Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 DeLorean courtesy of Oliver & Terry Holler and Team Fox
Hey Folks!

 My apologies for not updating sooner! The Ghostbusters comic is still going great and the story arcs are a blast to be a part of. Kudos to Erik, Luis and Tom on consistently knocking it out of the park. Something to be proud of for sure.

 This past weekend (April 20-21) I had the privilege of being a guest at the 2nd Fan Expo Vancouver! Thanks to all those that came by to say hi! I'm humbled as always. Special thanks to the Ghostbusters of BC, whom raised an amazing amount of funds to help support BC Children's Hospital. They will soon host an online auction, in which you can bid on some trades that I donated to the charity. Keep your eyes peeled for that! Hat tip to Nathan Fairbairn for being an awesome table buddy as well as the organizers of Fan Expo Vancouver. I hope to return next year :)

Your friend in time,


 Commission sketches from the weekend


LeDidole said...

Nice to have some news from you !

Buying your comics every month, Still enjoying it a lot !
I am a little curious on the current team. I take it as a way to transition to the coming movie ( if it can finally be done ! ).

As for the pic, I would definitively buy your comics version of "Back to the Future". Propose that to IDW's Chris Ryall...

Anonymous said...

Any chance you are taking comissions now? Huge fan of your work!

flipstudios said...

Hey Dan,

Always love looking at your work. I'd like your advice on a Wacom tablet when you've got a chance. I need to update my old one and was wondering which model you'd recommend. I mostly work in Photoshop for colour and have a 2009 iMac 27 inch with Mountain Lion - Thanks for your help.


flipstudios said...

Also, where in Victoria would you get one?

Thanks again

A.D.D. said...

Hi Dan, first: Congratulations for your work. Second: It's possible to have a little chat with you? I hope it's not impossible…thanks Andrew.

Kapt said...

Mr. Schoening.

I am wondering if you would be available to do an interview with a podcast called Good2BGeek, based in Victoria. We would love to interview you about your work.

Duane said...

Hi Dan, I saw your cover for GI JOE 287 and was curious if it is available? Can you email me back at Thanks again.