Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well the Chicago Con from the 9th to 13th of August has come and gone. Some great memories, and new faces made this one to remember. To all the people that I met, it was a pleasure, and I hope to repeat it next June. Here's a little synopsis of what my travels were.

August 9th, alarm goes off at 3:40, after only going to bed about 4 hours prior. I rush out the door and drive out to the Victoria International Airport. Little did I know, I left my alarm on, so the neighbor downstairs was awoken every morning at 3:40 to blaring music for what I believe to be 15 mins. Flight to Vancouver was smooth, usually about a half hour. Then it was off to Chicago after a layover of and hour. I was unfortunately treated to "Shrek 3" as the in flight film. Now, I don't think Shrek is the worst looking animated film, besides the boring design, but this film was so horrendous...let's just say they murdered my love for "The Immigrant Song," by Zeppelin. Bonham is turning in his grave. I arrived at O'Hare at about 2:30, ahead of schedule. Called the Chairman and Matt, and I met them with little probs. After that, Mike arrived at vestibule 3d. We snatched him up and began our drive to the acclaimed Motel 6. Did I mention we got lost? After driving through 5 towns, and asking for directions 2 tines, we found it. Then it was off to the Con to meet up with Tim and Ian at the Ape booth. Hilarity ensued, as the rest of the weekend was filled with sketches, finally meeting Hen, more sketches and cardboard pizza.
Although the trip to that one deep dish place was good tines. Also something about Megaman glowing and DK not tossing barrels. I was blessed to meet up with some new and old faces alike. Matt from DA who did some wicked colored art to show me. Von Toten, who is as cool as they come, not to mention talented like a beast. Shapestrong, who handed me an amazing maquette she did, Jessica "Animator Xtreme" Plummer, and Joe Bluhm, the best caricature artist I've ever seen! Jon Riggle, Superdookie, Spagetti016, AgentBill, Chip14, uber talented Jeff "Chamba" Cruz, Kweli, Bender, Robb Mommaerts, Yoni Limor, Mike Kasinger, Lucian X and slew of other cool peeps. Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out, I'm sure I have, so please take no offense. My brain has been reduced to mush since arriving back. Kinda like this overview of my without further ado, the pictures to fill in the gaps! Thanks again to all that swung by, look forward to doing this again in June!