Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting ready for the new Batman film coming out this week? I don't normally get very excited about seeing a film, but this one looks to be a great take on the dark knight. I like the direction, in that it isn't a complete take off from the books, at least as far as the Joker is concerned. At first, I wasn't sold on the look for Mr.J. However, I know that being an artist, making something your own is the most important thing when you are adapting something. It makes it unique and sometimes better. After watching the 4 or so min long sneak peek, with Joker robbing a mob bank, I was hooked. The way that he is portrayed is much more disturbed than that of the prankster Nicholson brought to the table. I'll always enjoy Jack's version, and Cesar's as well. Both completely different, but great. I've been enjoying James Rolfe's reviews of Batman in film. His take is smart, funny and rings true. Swing by and watch them on Spike TV here. Feel free to share your fav and least fav Batman moments in cinema. I'd like to hear what you all think :)