Monday, October 03, 2011

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post quickly to say thanks to everyone who helped Ghostbusters Ongoing #1 sell out within the first day! Everyone on the team is very gracious and we all look forward to hearing your thoughts on Issue #2, out October 12th. If you missed out on the first printing of Ghostbusters #1, don't worry, there will be a second printing out very soon! Here's a sneak peek at Issue 3's cover that Luis and I did in the mean time. Now I have to get back to page 16 of Issue 4, there is something sugary on the loose!


Doug said...

Congrats, kind sir!

Strange Kid said...

Nice! I missed the first run unfortunately, forgot to pre-order it and my local shop was sold out before the end of the day. Congrats and I can't wait for the second run! :D

LeDidole said...

Couldn't wait for a second print, so I bought a digital version for immediate reading and ordered to my LCS a physical copy.

Great all ages fun reading ! If all comics ( Marvel / DC ) could be like that, then there would be more kids reading comics.

Very well made, and definitively well disserved result!

Strange Kid said...

Got my copy today and it rocks! You guys nailed a perfect balance between the films and the animated series, Dan. Well done - can't wait for issue #2!

Jonny said...

I love reading Ghostbusters and looking for all the little easter eggs you throw in. First the PKE Meter in issue 1 and now the Yellow Mantis Car! I had that toy! Thanks for a really awesome comic

LeDidole said...

Still planning to buy hard copies, but as I just cannot wait, I went digital again. My first series to be digital reading.
Great story.
There is some obvious respects to the original source material, which is really nice. I love the graphics.
Way to go, guys !

If you need some help for a French character some days, don't hesitate. I will be happy to help !