Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things are still hauntingly busy with the Ongoing Ghostbusters comic book. I'm almost finished pencils for issue #3, and I'm excited to jump onto issue #4 next week. Just a reminder, that you can still pre-order issue 2! Also, be sure to hit up you local comic shop or online dealer September 21st. Issue #1 hits the stands that Wednesday. If you are having trouble finding a shop in your area, check out this great thread co-artist Tristan Jones cooked up.

To sweeten the deal, here's a sample of the comic, 7 pages worth!

Ghostbusters #1 Preview

Love to hear what you think, so post some comments on what you like and don't like. Enjoy!




LeDidole said...

I love the pages. Definitively on my buying list !

Pat Dennis said...

This is incredible. Can't wait to get it!

Jo-L said...

I'm digging the slimey look! Nice glowing effect!

Sussudio said...

Love love loooove how you draw so much Real Ghostbusters related stuff in your comics. True nerds appreciate that :)