Friday, April 27, 2012

Fan Expo Vancouver recap!

Just wanted to make a quick post to follow up the 1st ever Fan Expo in Vancouver. I had a great time meeting people and seeing old colleagues. A big thanks to all that stopped by to say hi, share their thoughts on the Ghostbusters comic and pick up a comic and or print. It's all greatly appreciated, and it's nice to know that people enjoy the comic as much as the team enjoys creating it. I don't do a lot of conventions, but I'd definitely like to go back to Vancouver's again next year. I didn't get to look around much, but I was sitting next to an amazingly talented artist by the name of Caanan Grall. I highly recommend you check out his site and his comic "Max Overacts." It's great writing, great art and a lot of heart. Here's some photos from the show...and for the first time ever, I get to try on an unlicensed nuclear accelerator! Enjoy!

 Paula and I, ready to bust some ghouls!

 Possibly the best costumes I've seen at a con. That guy in the middle is about to get Bebop'd and Rocksteady'd!

 Myself with the ever stylin' Geoff Adams

 Myself with the Ghostbusters of BC


ScaryPotato said...

I didn't find out about the fan Expo until I saw it this morning on Electric Playground. They showed the Ghostbusters guys and I immediately thought of you! Had I not been living under a rock the last while, it would have been an awesome even to take in. Hope all is well!


Caitlin said...

I like the mini Pack (fits with the Wii game where the girl buster has a smaller pack) but that slimer is well scary