Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The winter holidays are coming up quick it seems. So, I thought I had better post some holiday cheer. My family celebrates Christmas, but what is Christmas really? I'm not religious by any means, and I believe that everyone should practice whatever they feel is right for them. But why is there a tree in my place, and where did Rudolph come from? I suppose I should just research it, but I would like to hear what you think and feel.

First off is my yearly tradition, paying homage to one of my favorite films. A Christmas Story is one of those films you can easily define as classic. I think the thing that is so enjoyable about it is that it's completely sincere in what it is saying. Also, through Ralphie's eyes you see everything with that innocent perception adults seem to lose growing up. I've been itchin to do this scene for a year. Probably as much itching as you would do if you had to wear that Pink Bunny costume, lol.

Secondly, is another yearly pic. It's a humble homage to one of my favorite writers, Dr.Suess, and one of my favorite animators, Chuck Jones. The book is amazing and the cartoon is genius.
I felt last years pic suffered from poor composition. This year I'm trying to incorporate more tension and use of negative space. Plus, this is the first time I've tried my hand at Max. My daughter absolutely adores him, and I really hope she likes this pic when it's done. I'll be sure to post it when I'm done.

Thanks to all that are coming to the page to check out my work, it's very appreciated!



Howard Shum said...

Cool Ralphie drawing, Dan!

I just tagged you. Go to my blog to see what I'm talking about.

Josh said...

The usual Dapper awesomeness!

Andrew Murray said...

Hey Dan,

I gotta say, all your post regarding the last few posts, GB's, Grinch, Christmas Story, and Bond...I thought I died and went to heaven!

The 13 ghosts, really amazing, I gotta say the boogyman and gozer were my two favs.
I also saw Quantum, and I really enjoyed it. I think it was because I know that when you switch directors on a film you get a possibility that the follow up could be a complete stinker, and since BOND films often have a fresh eye behind the lens then you are subject to that problem. What I enjoyed about this film the most would be the learning process of Bond, he's still young, ill tempered, and needs to learn from his mistakes.

Gotta love those AVGN videos, and that Ralphy sketch is gold. "He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny."

Anyways, love your sketches, can't wait to see more.


Unknown said...

stumbled upon this blog by chance, searching the web to determine whether the dapper dan pomade [from the movie] ever existed....i am sure i am not aline in this.

i am glad i found the blog, as your work is a delight. i will be regular visitor from now on.

Javier Molina said...

I've been following for you blog some time now and your artwork is always a delight to look at! One thing i love is your illustration of hands.. Might you post some quick doodles in the near future? Awesome as always!

Alex Deligiannis said...

I've heard various explanations about the Christmas tree, including everything from the triangular shape used to represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit down to the tree being somehow tied to Adam and Eve. I've even heard it was once a pagan tradition (though I can't find evidence of that). As far as the "real" answer... I dunno, though I too am curious . What I DO know is that this is another awesome drawing. You really captured Ralphie, man. Your skills always impress and amaze me!

Mel Maduro said...

Hahah, awesome! I love the holiday classics. I've already watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" as well as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "A California Raisin's Christmas". "A Christmas Story" is on my list too :)
I'm so glad you liked my film, Dan! It took pretty much my entire senior year to do, so about 8 months...phew.

Javier Burgos "Javas" said...

looks fantastic as I said u befor, keep´em coming master!

Unknown said...

My take on the grinch pic is that Max isn't quite reading right for me.

It looks to me like the grinch has a hold of one of his arms, while the other is stretched out behind him holding the rope that disappears off page. Which would be fine, but then his body would be hanging straight down.

I think it's supposed to be that the rope is attached to the harness around his waist, which explains his body, but then I find that the arm reach back confuses the composition a bit.

I think I'd either have it so the grinch has both of Max's front legs, the one he doesn't have is hanging straight down, or add a little negative space between his paw and where the rope connects to the harness to emphasize the speration, so it won't look like he's hanging on to the chord.

Just my two cents, I think it's looking great Bro.

Urban Barbarian said...

Awesome illustration! Should be a poster!

Kristen said...

HAHAHA! Oh Dan those are so cool.. I love them both :) What a great tradition you have going here!! Happy Holidays! Don't shoot your eye out!

spdred said...

AMAZING art. Do you ever go to any conventions like NYC or San Diego?