Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who ya gonna call?


This year I'm gonna pay respects to the sequel that may not have topped the first movie, but was fun in it's own right. Plus who can beat a floating Vigo the Carpathian head? This here is the rough, and I'll have the final posted on October 24 th :)


Joshua Wysocki said...

gotta love the float head
but u gotta make the busters more frozen, like when they couldn't move in the movie!
do a goonies piece for halloween too, why? cause i said so!!!
did u see that goonies thing steph silver did? platinum!

JRtist said...

Hey Dan, you hear Murray and Akroyd are writting and filming a third ghostbusters movie?

It seems I'm trying to follow in your footsteps a bit as I'm trying to coming up with time to do a version of a GB piece. Only, I'm adding the Ghost Hunters in with it lol. This is looking cool man. I am waiting patiently to see this in color.

Matt T said...

Fantastic! That's gonna look slaptacular when you get it all polished and done!

Ghost Image said...

Very cool!! I love the Ghost Busters good to see someone remember them. Just an FYI, I posted the Birdman sketch you did for me in Chicago on my Hanna Barbera sketch blog.

Unknown said...

Awesome... Awesome... Awesome...

Simply Awesome!