Monday, October 02, 2006

Sad times for the Dapper :(
"Some think that holding on makes us stronger, but the true test of ones strength is letting go..."


Todd Oman said...

Sorry to hear about the sad times, however on a bright note that drawing is Awesome!

AWD! said...

Dan, I've been through alot these past couple monthes. If I learned anything it's that sometimes you gotta let go on things that harm you and your happiness the most. But hey, cheer up man. Ugh, and once again, jeez! I wish they would've picked you to to the freakin' style of that new Fantastic Four show, it's horrid!!.... hoooorrrrrrrid!!!!!!!

flipstudios said...

Life sucks like that sometimes, eh? You'll get through it though.

I mentioned it before but if you ever want to do some sketchin give me a shout. And by the way, these post are awesome. I love the feel of the supers heading out on a twilight mission. Take care,


R.Dress said...